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Bread and butter league doesn't need Italian jam ic (Ireland and Irish) Wales, United Kingdom - Sep

Bread and butter league doesn't need Italian jam
ic Wales, United Kingdom - Sep 2, 2005 The Scots and Irish were stamping their feet about Welsh and English plans to link supporters to grow used to it and accept it as the annual bread and butter

Kids' lunches contain too many treats
Irish Health, Ireland - Sep 8, 2005 Furthermore one in five Irish boys and almost one in four girls are now that lunchboxes should contain a variety of carbohydrate foods, such as bread and pasta

Food firms agree to cut salt levels
Ireland Online, Ireland - Sep 7, 2005 Irish adults consume an average of 10 grams of salt per day, but the FSAI said this figure needs to be reduced to 6 grams per day. Under the agreement, bread


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