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For dignity's sake, stop using Indians as sports mascots Houston Chronicle, United States - (Ireland and Irish)

For dignity's sake, stop using Indians as sports mascots
Houston Chronicle, United States - Sep 17, 2005 The Fighting Irish sports fans are not waving whiskey bottles in the air as weapons or as a demonstration of a supposed Irish trait.

Early opening smoothed fans´┐Ż road south to Dublin
Belfast Irish News (subscription), UK - 13 hours ago open the 11km Dun-dalk bypass a day early following calls in The Irish News last bypass, which had not been due to open until today, allowed the sports fans to

Today's sports roundup
Cincinnati Post, OH - 14 hours ago The Irish got right back in the game with a goal at the 68:45 mark. Ian Etherington headed in his second goal of the season off a Nate Norman cross.


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