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Wealth Building | Money Strategies | Retirement: "Offshore Strategies & Services

Offshore strategies may or may not be right for you. Moreover, there is a right way and a wrong way (legal and illegal) to execute offshore strategies. If you choose the wrong way you may wind up worse off than if you had done nothing at all.

You need a principled, experienced offshore consulting firm to give you the right answers. There are hundreds of offshore service providers on the Internet. But who are they and, just as importantly, where are they? If you have never used offshore resources to protect your financial future because you just couldn't be sure with whom you would be dealing, you were correct to be concerned.

Many of these Internet promoters seem to exist only in cyberspace. They prey on fools with unrealistic goals. Use your common sense and choose a consultant just as you would a lawyer, doctor or accountant. Research who they are and where they are ? physically, not just a domain name or email address. Get references and check for licenses or registrations.

Offshore Goals"


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