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The Pirate Queen Tickets - Get To Know An Unlikely Hero

If you're a history buff, The Pirate Queen tickets will
introduce you to an historical figure that is largely and
unfortunately overlooked in many American-taught world history
classes. Grace O'Malley was a true heroine for many reasons and
by way of many pursuits, and The Pirate Queen is a mesmerizing
look at her amazing life of struggle and triumph.

The Story

The Pirate Queen is a biography of Grace O'Malley, an Irish
hero who lived during the late 16th and early 17th Centuries.
This was a turbulent time in world history, as Queen Elizabeth
I of England had grown increasingly uneasy in regards to the
relative instability of Ireland's government, and England began
to assert its authority over Ireland. This was the beginning of
a struggle that in some ways continues to this day, and the
very reason that The Pirate Queen tickets are worth the effort
to obtain.

Given that historical setting, it appears now that O'Malley was
destined to ultimately cross paths with the queen as a result of
her own life. O�Malley was born in 1530, and her family had a
long tradition of making their living as prominent seafarers.
Grace was always interested in the ways of the sea, but as was
custom at the time, she was arranged in marriage, and this was
to take place when Grace was 15.

Grace went through with the marriage and had three children.
However, her husband was part of a warring faction, and he was
ultimately killed in battle. As a result, local warriors turned
towards Grace for guidance and leadership, even though Gaelic
law prohibited women from holding such positions of power.

The faction that had killed her husband had taken over the
castle he was defending, but Grace led a legion of soldiers and
retook the castle, thereby renaming it �Hen�s Castle,� a name
which is still in place today. Her extreme bravery and cunning
led many to follow her into a life of mercenary battles.

Ultimately, Grace remarried, and her destiny-determined foe,
Queen Elizabeth and England, together with several Irish
barons, began to encroach on Ireland. Grace and her soldiers
fought valiantly for freedom from the crown, but ultimately too
many forces against her united and her territory was overrun by
a baron with a specific vendetta against Grace.

Grace�s son was captured, and Grace decided to go over the
local baron�s head and directly to Queen Elizabeth I herself.
This meeting remains the stuff of legend, and the ultimate
conclusion of this life of seafaring and battling is something
to behold on stage.

If you want to see how this historical tale plays out, you need
to secure The Pirate Queen tickets, as this story is one that
needs to be told for several reasons.

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